How to Make an Halloween Friendly Ghost

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Make this year’s Halloween unique with original and creative Halloween decorations. Put your creative mind to work and bring out the best in you with these easy to do DIY project: cute Halloween friendly ghost. To begin you will need: a plastic bottle, some gauze, wire, cornstarch, water solution (starch + water), balloon, a small weight to hold down the balloon.

Follow the instructions: Fill the balloon, tie a cord to the tip add the little burden. The weight must be small enough to enter the bottle. Positioning the balloon in the bottle and start to assemble the necessary structure to form a ghost. Add the wire along with the balloon. Dip the gauze in the water solution prepared in advance. Put the wet gauze on the structure and wait to dry. When dry, remove the ghost carefully, put the eye and ready! Happy Halloween!!

halloween-friendly-gost-fresh-fidly-1Photo: Pinterest
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