Learn How to Make a Pom-Pom Snowman

Put your creativity to work and also your skills and make and awesome, original and cute Christmas tree decoration: Pom-Pom Snowman. It will look awesome in your Christmas tree. You can give them away also as gifts to your friends and neighbors. For this Christmas project you will need: white yarn, scissors, glue gun, twigs, decorations: buttons, beads, and ribbons, brushes (pipe cleaning ones). Make the pom-pom with the diameter 6 centimeters and 9 centimeters (2.5 inches and 3.6 inches). Use the loose ends and tie the small pom-pom to the big pom-pom. Make some earmuffs using the pipe cleaning brush by rolling the ends of the brush and bending it. Take the glue gun and glue the twigs to form the arms of the little snowman. Use also the accessories to make the buttons, eyes, nose, scarf. Or just let your imagination run wild and decorate the little snowman as you love. Happy Holidays!


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